It is true that our candles can affect a stimulation of all your senses. The first time you touch the candle as you pick it up, you’ll know you have something different in your hands. The calming yet uplifting smell envelops you, and from the moment you hear the crackling wick as you first light them to sight of the of the growing flame giving off a warm, comforting glow, we know you won’t be disappointed. 


A candle makes an impact in a room unlike anything else. There is something quite fantastic and ethereal about having something so evocative, alive and yet, somehow, being safely contained, one can only delight in its aura.


Every Kota candle is blended from fair trade and sustainable soy wax, premium grade paraben free fragrance and pure essential oils and extracts.  If you’re looking for a clean burning candle, you’re in the right place. Hand-poured with cotton wicks, each candle is hand crafted with thoughtfulness on the island of Jersey. 


Daisy (The founder) has a love of natural perfumery and  has worked extensively with fragrances, aromatherapy and essential oils and has been creating bespoke candles for a number of years. All of this experience culminating in what is now Kota Candles.


Why the name “Kota”? Simply, to honour Daisy’s youngest child. 

Did you know? We are a vegan company, we do not and will not use any products that have been tested on animals.