These decadent pure copper and brass vessels come complete with a handmade Indian marble lid. Whilst the candle is lit, the lid can act as a coaster. There are four stunning new scents to choose from and each scent is made with the finest pure essential oils only. This indulgent collection does not contain any synthetic fragrance.

The 360 ml candle gives you an approx burn time of 90 hours of gorgeous luxury.
Please retain your beautiful vessel so that when you have finished, it can be re purposed- maybe as a vase or pen/makeup holder, it’s up to you. Enjoy.


Metal & Marble collection - Scent guide




Patchouli, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot.


Exoticism is to be walking freely on an island haven far, far away. We’re all searching for a place that hasn't yet been discovered. This sumptuous, scent is rich and yet has a freshness from the Bergamot that places you atop a waterfall tucked away in the minds eye. Patchoulli grounds you to the surrounding, earthy sense of the forest before leaping in to the heady floral lagoon of Ylang Ylang. Dare to be Exotic.




Frankincense, Vertiver, Geranium & Cinnamon.


Locket invokes memories from long ago, a keepsake personal to you. It is enchanting and deep and allows a spiritual quality to envelope you. The sacred scent of Frankincense is musky and leathery. The Vertiver is woody and opulent and locks itself to the rose like floral trappings of the Geranium, but only a little. Add to this the warm, wintery spice of the Cinnamon Bark and you have something truly to hold on to.




Cedar-wood, Fir, Spruce & Clove


Treasure can be found anywhere if you know where to look, but nowhere more obvious than the depths of a winter forest. The crisp Fir and the sweetness of the evergreen Spruce is forged with the bullion of life that is the warm and balsamic Cedar-wood, topped off with the almost festive spice of Clove. This masculine arboretum of flavour is a trove to be uncovered. unlock the chest of your desire.




May Chang, Lavender & Verbena


Allow yourself to be carried off on a sherbet breeze to Asia and rest in the canopy of the aromatic litsea tree (May Chang). Its lemon scented flowers marry perfectly with the light and fresh, citrus floral tang of Verbena. Consider the fresh wind of change that adorns you. This journey could only be complete with the calming, herby, purple flower of Lavender. Adored by those who understand, this gentle breeze carries you on a trade wind of blissful expectation that is fresh and sweet. Fill your own sails of freedom. 

Metal & Marble Collection